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Parallel Lives

"Parallel Lives: Growing Up Black and Jewish in the PRESS/EVENTS in the 1950's"

"The Roots of Parallel Lives"


Delta Rising!


"The Roots of Parallel Lives"


"We thought it so inspiring we knew there had to be experiences of a similar nature somewhere in Florida."

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Good things often have good antecedents, and that is the case with Parallel Lives.


Ten years ago, Clifton Taulbert, a lecturer, businessman, and writer, published a memoir of his childhood in the small Mississippi Delta town of Glen Allan. The title, Once Upon A Time When We Were Colored (later shortened), made clear his intentions -- warm reminiscences with a little fairy tale gossamer and an ironic acceptance of a dated, and sometimes deplored term for his race. Taulbert is not in some sort of denial about the times, but he can find pleasure in recalling even such episodes as the time a touring colored ministrel show came to town. (...)

Rick Edmonds, Forum

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