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Cotton & Race in the Making of America



Preface Excerpt


Table of Contents









Table of Contents for Cotton and Race in the Making of America






Part One. Slavery in the Making of the Constitution


1 The Silent Issue at the Constitutional Convention


Part Two. The Engine of American Growth, 1787


2 Birth of an Obsession
3 Land Expansion and White Migration to the Old Southwest
4 The Movement of Slaves to the Cotton States
5 The Business of Cotton
6 The Roots of War


Part Three. The North: For Whites Only, 1800


7 Being Free and Black in the North

8 The Colonial North

9 Race Moves West

10 Tocqueville on Slavery, Race, and Money in America


Part Four. King Cotton Buys a War


11 Cultivating a Crop, Cultivating a Strategy
12 Great Britain and the Civil War

13 Cotton and Confederate Finance

14 Procuring Arms

15 Cotton Trading in the United States

16 Cotton and the Freedmen


Part Five. The Racial Divide and Cotton Labor, 1865


17 New Era, Old Problems
18 Ruling the Freedmen in the Cotton Fields
19 Reconstruction Meets Reality
20 The Black Hand on the Cotton Boll
21 From Cotton Field to Urban Ghetto: The Chicago Experience


Part Six. Cotton Without Slaves, 1865


22 King Cotton Expands
23 The Controlling Laws of Cotton Finance
24 The Delta Plantation: Labor and Land
25 The Planter Experience in the Twentieth Century
26 The Long-Awaited Mechanical Cotton Picker
27 The Abdication of King Cotton