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"Reckoning with Race is a compelling account of both racial history and race today. Dattel’s persuasive detailing of race in the North - from the antebellum period to the present - should be required reading in the classroom and incorporated into public dialogue. Racial animosity in the white North, not just the South, created a national tragedy. Although the removal of barriers has made progress possible, Dattel rightly calls for blacks to engage in self-examination. He adds clarity to the distinction between black leaders of the 1960s and those of today.

Reckoning with Race’s emphasis on color-blind, universal values is absolutely necessary for success, as I describe in my own book A Mission from God.  His focus on family, church, and community structures is the bedrock of a society. As a lifelong integrationist, I applaud Dattel’s concern about segregation in any form and the dire consequences of our increasingly separatist society."

James Meredith

The man who integrated the University of Mississippi (1962) and author of A Mission From God (2012)